After Form Submission


When the customer submits a form, then by default, it'll redirect to the corresponding thank-you for the submission page. Eg: You can configure redirection page by using an input tag as mentioned in the Sample HTML Form Code section.

JSON Response

You can also get response in the JSON format if you pass an additional header, as shown below, along with the requests.

"accept": "application/json"

The response will be in two formats:

  1. Success: If the form submission successfully processed.
"data": {
"ncf-submission-date": "1626010418063",
"name": "name",
"message": "NoCodeForm is awesome"
"error": false,
"message": "Form Submitted Successfully"
  1. Error: If the form submission failed.
"data": null,
"error": true,
"message": "Captcha Verification Failed"