Get Started


  1. Set up NoCodeForm account, Sign up for free! and login as shown in the demo below. Skip this step if you are already signed in.

  2. Create a new form as shown in the demo below. It asks for three information:

    • Give your form a name. It's similar to the username concept.
    • Domain name from where this form will be accessible. It's optional, but it is suggessted to provide domain name to prevent your form usage from an unauthorised sources.
    • Timezone is the last information required. It's optional. This information will be used to save form submission time in the desired timezone. By Default, this value sets to your local timezone.
  3. Once your form creation is completed, a unique identifier named Form Id will be generated as shown in the demo below. This Form Id will be used for all your form submissions against the newly created form.

  4. Along with Form Id, a private Google Sheet will be created and shared with you immediately. All the form submissions will be added in the Google Sheet. In the space of Internet, Google Sheet is one of the most safest place.

  5. Create your HTML form and add all the html attributes that is required from this form submissions. Sample form HTML code is given below.